To create the material conditions for the organizational, productive, social
and cultural development of the farming population living in the south-west
of Guatemala. The recovery, valorization and cooperatization of Mother Earth
marks a fundamental part of this process.

To develop a permanent process of investigation of the agrarian problem
and the situation of the Mayan as well as the farming population in order
to enforce the strategic programs or rural development.

To develop a permanent process of formation and training of the participating
persons in order to ensure a successful realization of CCK´s work and its
specific programs.

To improve the quality of life in the participating communities by contributing
to efforts to develop peoples intellectual abilities and achieve higher
levels of education.

To promote and support actitivities furthering the completion of the Peace
Accords in order to construct a society which will be decentralized and
inclusive, democratic, respectful of our nation´s multiculturalism, dedicated
to gender equity, balanced in its use of natural resources and marked by
the democratization of land ownership.