Principles and Philosophy

As a result of our Mayan philosophical roots, the organizational structure
of CCK is cosmological, circular and concentric. It is cosmological in that
it is rooted in the ancient cultural practices of our people and draws on
our ancestral knowledge and wisdom. It is circular and concentric because
the bodies that form CCK´s central nucleus take life from their reciprocal
and democratic relationships with every other body that makes up the organization
as a whole.

Kabawils philosophy has its origins in the trilogy GOD-NATURE-HUMANITY.
It´s not possible to achieve any political, economic or cultural growth
without any spiritual substance constituting the antithesis to the desire
of material enrichment. Requiring us to maintain a harmonious balance with
our Mother Earth, it is integrative and inclusive and doesn´t exclude anyone
or anything. In this sense, Kabawil signifies the synthesis of the balance
between the spiritual and the matter.
Using the concept of integrity as an orientation line for our struggle,
we seek to promote the reclamation and valorization of Mayan identity, the
rights of women, political participation and community self-determination,
access to education and training, and a coordination of forces to negotiate
fair wages and decent working conditions for rural workers.
Concerning the principles and the philosophy of CCK, we are emphasizing
the concept of globality, which includes the following: The areas of productivity,
organization, education, culture, ecology, guaranteed nourishment and employment
as well as sustainable social development.